Mina’s Dream

By Hamid Rahmanian
Discussion follows performances with playwright and 2016 Olympic gold medalist Katerina Stefanidi
Moderated by Renata Melillo-Townsend
Three sessions: 11:30–12:15 AM / 12:30–1:15 PM / 1:30–2:15 PM | GALLERY

Mina’s Dream is a specially commissioned performance by Hamid Rahmanian, an award-winning Iranian artist and Guggenheim Fellow based in New York. His 15-minute shadow play tells the story of a young girl whose dreams are bigger than her community’s social pressures and decrees. A young actor performs behind a screen that displays animated characters and objects, representing those who try to keep her from pursuing her dreams. A soundscape of live music, voices and effects create a tension and struggle that the young protagonist must fight against. Designed for children age 5 and up, each performance will be followed by a workshop and question-and-answer session with Hamid Rahmanian and Katerina Stefanidi, a gold medalist in pole vaulting at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

A shadow play by Hamid Rahmanian
Performed by Maire Vigliotta
Animation: Naghmeh Farzaneh
Music: Nima Farzaneh
Sound Design: David Wilson
Storyboards:Syd Fini
Voice overs: Elmira Rahim, Sedate Threatt, Danielle Larson and Tarah Pollack
Assistant Directors: Anita Maghduri and Neda Kazemifar
A production of Fictionville Studio