Nomos the Land Song

By Phoebe Giannisi
4–4:40 PM | GALLERY

The ancient Greek word for tragedy, τραγῳδία, can be read as a composite noun from the two words τράγος / “he-goat” and ᾠδή / “song, lay, ode.” In this specially commissioned performance lecture, Giannisi examines the animalistic dimension of tragedy, as well as issues of gender, land, and dispossession, through movement, music, and poetry.

Concept, Dramataturgy, Texts: Phoebe Giannisi
Direction: Isabella Martzopoulou
Performer: Phoebe Giannisi
Chorus Performing Voices: Goats, Stergios Bares, Marios Chatziprokopiou, Alexander Douras, Phoebe Giannisi, Isabella Martzopoulou, Yannis Mourtos
Studio Recordings: Nicolas Vamvakas. Lab of Environmental Communication and Audiovisual Representation(LECAD), University of Thessaly
Video-Audio Design and Editing: Chara Stergiou
Text Translation : Michael Eleftheriou
Poem Translation: Brian Sneeden
Maori Translation: Hemi Kelly
Brochure Design: Chara Stergiou