Efi Latifi

Efi Latifi believes that all people are born happy and that creative education is the way to maintain happiness. Since high school, she has been determined to make positive contributions to school educational systems around the world.

She received a BA in Elementary Education at the University of Athens, majoring in Pedagogy. While studying to become a teacher, she discovered the power of theater in the teaching and learning process and then began drama studies at the School of Athens, Enastron. She taught first grade on the island of Milos, living in a windmill for the year, and fifth grade in Athens the following year. Since then she has taught at every elementary-school grade level.

Latifi is currently a graduate student in Educational Theatre at the City University of New York. While teaching and tutoring Greek, she also works as a teaching artist at the Onassis Cultural Center New York, and as a supporting artist with the CO/LAB Theater Group, providing people with developmental disabilities a creative social outlet through performing art.