Fadia Afashe

Artist Fadia Afashe proudly describes herself not only as a visual artist, but as a writer, and activist as well. Afashe studied art with the renowned Syrian painter Adnan Abed Al- Rahman and graduated from the Ismail Institute of Art in 2000. She’s had several national and international exhibitions. While immersing herself in the world of art, Afashe also pursued a degree in Criminal Law at the University of Damascus and graduated in 2003. Then she got a master’s degree from the Syrian-French Institut National d’Administriation.

Afashe used her degrees and artistic skills to engage in causes advocating women’s rights. She wrote and produced “Suspended” (2011), a short film about women exposing how the laws of rape in the Arab world leave women unprotected and disenfranchised. During the Arab Spring in the Middle East, Afashe left Damascus for the United Stated to pursue a fellowship at the Humphrey School for Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, which she completed in May 2012. Fadia’s art became part of her activism to advocate for human rights, and to give a voice for people who can’t speak for themselves. Fadia is now based in Los Angeles and has had many individual painting shows.